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Driver board designed by Shannon Parks over at Engineered as a replacement driver for the Dynaco Mark III & IV as well as your own DIY monoblock, the diytube Poseidon uses a 12AX7 and a 12AU7 for pure triode perfection allowing use of an almost limitless selection of NOS and new tubes. This new driver uses the classic modified Mullard topology with constant current source in the tail of the phase splitter - a perfect mix of performance and warm tube sound.

* a drop-in replacement with no other changes needed * detailed schematics & a parts list * support provided at the growing community forum at , manufacturer varies, check with DIYTUBE.COM for current place of production.

Order Board Only, No Parts Included, OR for a limited time only, offered "With Parts" (see dropdown menu). Note Price is for one board only, if you are rebuilding a pair of MkIII's you will need to order two boards.

DIYTube Mark III Poseidon Driver Board diytubemk3$27.95
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