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22921 Fender Reverb Driver Transformer MADE IN USA

Standard replacement for Fender (tm) reverb driver transformer, also works great with DIY projects and as a general replacement. Also might be used as an output transformer for a headphone amp or impedance matching device for headphones (eg: to match newer low impedance headphones to output of tube-type ham & shortwave receivers). New unit made right here in Chicago, USA.

Matches 15K plate load to 8 ohm reverb tank input. Mounting hole centers are 1 3/4 inch (45 mm) apart. Replaces Fender part number 022921. Rated 3.5W, 5 ma DC. Typically (in Fenders) used with a 12AT7 tube with 2 sections run in parallel, but could be used with tubes such as 6BQ7, 12AU7, or 6SN7.

Fender Reverb Driver Diagram


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